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Safozi Load Balancing Clusters

TND 25.000 TND


  • With this provisioning option, you can specify which VMs (Box, DIY) will participate in a load balancing cluster. Incoming traffic is distributed evenly between all the VMs added to a cluster -the host name of the load balancer gives you access to a cluster of VMs rather than a single end point.
  • Feature High Availability

    Safozi Virtual Machine Horizontal Autoscaling

    TND 35.000 TND


    • VM Autoscaling increases or decreases your VM capacity by automatically adding or removing nodes to a cluster. The cluster is scaled in (decreased) or out (increased) based on rules you can specify in client area, based on limits set.
    • Feature Performance and Scalability
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      • Snaphot Backup, 5GB offered
      • Adresse IP publique par serveur Cloud
      • Global Anycast DNS
      • Permanent KVM console and Recovery Console
      • Firewalls
      • etc.

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      Description Price
      Safozi Load Balancing Clusters TND 25.000 TND
      Total Recurring: TND 29.750 TND Monthly
      VAT @ 19% TND 4.750 TND

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      TND 29.750 TND

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